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Reusable Pods Filter (set of three)
Reusable Pods Filter (set of three)

Reusable Pods Filter (set of three)

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Our Reusable Pod Filter will allow you to brew your favourite brands of Coffee, Tea or Herbal Tea using your Keurig brewer! They have 2 purposes: 1. Filter grounds/leaves. 2. Container to hold the grounds/leaves.

This unique design offers a protective outer layer to ensure your grounds, leaves or herbs stay FRESH 😎  This simple addition separates us from other reusable pods & provides a premium tasting beverage! You can prepare your coffee or tea days in advance without having to sacrifice quality! Fill the pods the night before & pop em in before work to help save time in the morning ☀️

Remove the protective outer layer and place the pod directly into the Keurig brewer, as simple as that! You won't only save money but you will also save time.

You can even bring your pods to work or to a friend's! Pack your premium coffee grounds or Tea leaves, slide it into the protective outer layer & VOILA! The pod is spill proof! Put it in your lunch without worrying about it opening up! 

Save money on K-Cups & help eliminate waste ♻️

Compatible with Keurig & all machines with same size pods