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1-5 cup mesh coffee filter
6-12 cup mesh coffee filter
Reusable Oval Coffee Filter
Coffee filter explanation
Coffee filter explanation

Reusable Oval Coffee Filter

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Our Reusable Oval Coffee Filters are oval-designed to fit almost every coffee maker, whether they are BASKET, CONICAL, ROUND or DEFORMED.

These coffee filters are made of stainless steel mesh and a very flexible plastic to be shaped at will.
These reusable filters are suitable to use with a vast number of Drip Coffee Makers in the market today, such as: Hamilton Beach, Kitchen Aid, Sun Bean, Oster, Home Trends, Black Decker, Gordon Ramsay, Rival, and Salton and more! This versatile product is increasingly on demand.

This Reusable Coffee Filter helps you to save space, reduce waste and is also recognized for its durability. 

According to CBC, the average Canadian drinks 156 LITRES of coffee EVERY YEAR! That is a lot of waste on filters!