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One Cup Coffee Maker
One Cup Coffee Maker
One Cup Coffee Maker

One Cup Coffee Maker

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Small, elegant and easily portable coffee maker. Perfect for the office, outdoors and camping lovers. It has been designed to be used anytime and anywhere since it does not require electricity or paper filter making it eco-friendly: a stainless steel filter has been incorporated. This highly economical product allows you to brew your favourite brand of Coffee or Tea, no matter when or where. Sales of this product have increased over the years thanks to its usability and durability.

You can brew your coffee by simply following four easy steps. The EZ Way Coffee Maker is made of FDA approved materials.

Here’s how to use One Cup Coffee Maker… Simple as 1, 2, 3... And 4!
1. Separate the two pieces.
2. Add the desired amount of ground coffee, or tea into the bottom piece.
3. Put the two pieces back together.
4. Position One Cup Coffee Maker on your cup, fill the top part with boiling water and let it filter completely. Enjoy!


Item’s Dimensions (Inches): Width 4 3/4” Height 4 3/4” Length 4 1/4”
Item’s Dimensions (cm): Width 12 cm Height 12 cm Length 11 cm
Weight of the Item: 70 grams