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CARLY Bracelet with a white background
CARLY Bracelet around a woman's wrist with a black background
CARLY Bracelet on a grey surface with 2 modern shapes in the background
CARLY Bracelet on a grey surface leaning up against a white pot

CARLY Bracelet

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Style: CARLY 21093 Bracelet.

A versatile bracelet with two varying textures; wear it on its own or add some charms to express your personal style and meaning.

Crafted from Hand Forged Graded Metal Dipped in Pure 18 Karat Gold. Free of Nickel, Lead and Cadmium. Non-Allergenic and will not turn Skin Green.

  • Adjustable - Fits most Sizes
  • Wear to Dress Up or Dress Down
  • Glow in Gold: Luxurious Gold Hue from the Pure 18 Karat Gold Dipping
  • Complimentary Pouch Made from Vegan Suede for Protective Storage

  Our jewelry is 100% recyclable!