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Organic Bamboo Bra And Panties Set

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Who doesn’t want ultra soft organic bamboo underwear? Bra and Pantie Set in beautiful bamboo viscose! Save when you buy the set!  Our beautiful adjustable bra with double lined soft cup and adjustable strap.  Elastic wrapped with soft organic bamboo viscose hem.  Matched back to our best-seller bamboo Pantie. Clean finished edges cover all elastic so only the soft fabric touches your body! Organic bamboo spun into the most wonderful soft viscose style knit with a touch of spandex to hold.

The organic bamboo bra and pantie set can even be used on vacation at the beach for sunning!


Organic bamboo underwear has a lot of stretch and we have mixed in spandex as well! Most sizes will fit within a range that provides coverage and comfort but here is what we generally recommend:


Our bralettes are double lined and made for comfort more than support.  However, we assure you that you can work and move in them and will feel free from wires and synthetics. In each case below these are our recommendations but each person wants different coverage and support under the bust line.  Note that if you have a large cup size but smaller under-bust then we suggest going with the first measure and ignoring the cup size!

XS  fits 30-32 with cup sizes AA-B

S  fits 32-36 with cup sizes AA-C

M  fits 34-38 with cup sizes A-C

L fits 34-42 with cup sizes A-D

XL  fits 36-44/46 with cup sizes A-D

The elastic provides support and for each size it measures about 2″ below the first number shown above.  Our elastic has a natural stretch and is not heavy.


The bamboo panties are guaranteed not to ride up.  Elastic is wrapped into the seams providing soft coverage over all your important body parts.  Double lined crotch.  It is always better to go up one size and have more coverage.

XS – fits hip 32-35 – larger hip sizes we recommend going up one size to provide more ease and comfort.

S – fits hip 34-36 – go up one size if your hip is 36/37 to get more ease in the pantie.

M – Fits hip 36-38

L – Fits hip 40-44

XL – Fits hip 42-46

Need a different size for each?  That’s okay so do we. Just add your size in the bra to the cart, then add your size in the panties to the cart using this link "PANTIES". At checkout use code "PANTIES" & the price will turn to $0. (WARNING: If you use code "PANTIES" you will only receive 1 pair & we will use the size selected on the individual.)