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About our Sustainable Canadian Suppliers

100% Sustainable is a dropshipping company. We work with eco-friendly Canadian suppliers to help bring our customers amazing & sustainable products!

Plantish- located in Vancouver, BC, Plantish is founded on zero waste, plastic-free & vegan principles. They make a variety of aesthetic reusable essentials for all your eco-friendly needs. Learn more

EZ Way- a Canadian company who supplies our reusable beverage essentials by providing easy-to-use, economical and environmentally friendly products. Learn more

Hackney Nine- an eco-friendly jewelry brand located in British Columbia. Learn more 

Echo Verde-  Echo Verde helps provide our customers with organic & eco-friendly bamboo clothing and is also located in Vancouver, BC. Learn more 

COBB- shipped out of Manitoba, Canada, COBB Grills & accessories allow our customers to cook in an eco-friendly way: without electricity. Learn more

GFURN- A company that provides us with modern, minimalist furniture based out of Montreal. Learn more